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Chilli took time out to talk to  about her delight in playing the role of Zora Neale Hurston in the Thurgood Marshall biopic, ‘Marshall‘, which is out now in theaters.

She also touched on the importance of Black History Month, the upcoming TLC World Tour next year and her hopes to secure a Vegas residency!


TLC on the ‘I Love The 90s: The Party Continues’ tour

TLC World Tour 2018

“At the end of January we go to Australia to kick off the overseas tour, promoting the album there. Then New Zealand, and then Japan and Europe in the Summer. So it’s gonna be crazy from the end of January all the way through to the Summer.”

Vegas Residency

“We just recently switched agencies, we’re with ICM now. We’re really excited to be there. Our goal is to secure a residency in Las Vegas, so that’s what we really want. It’s a dream of ours to be there. We’re in talks and the feedback has been really great, so we just have to make sure that we’re in the right place.”

Playing Zora Neale Hurston in ‘Marshall

“It was so much fun on set that day. Getting to put those clothes on. Time period pieces are so much fun anyway, because they dress so much better than we dress today. I was so excited, but I think my mom was more excited than I was! That was her girl. Anytime Reginald Hudlin calls you to do whatever, you just say yes. He is so amazing.”

chilli and chadwick

A Diva’s Christmas Carol

“The director told me when we shot that, he was like ‘I’m telling you, this is going to be on for the next 30 plus years’, and he was not lying! Every Christmas holiday it comes on.”

Black History Month

“I don’t think it should just be one month. I think you should learn about your history, period. It shouldn’t be just one particular month carved out, and the shortest month of the year to find out about all these greats that paved the way for all of us.”

Thurgood Marshall

“Thurgood really kicked down doors in our justice department. To be that smart at such a time when a black man having an education, talking about changing laws, defending innocent people and having the knowledge to stand up in a court room opposite white lawyers, he knew the system. It teaches people you have to know your history. It’s such an important piece that I hope everybody goes and watches. Not just people of color, everybody needs to see it and learn from it.”