Reigndrop Lopes decided to celebrate the 51st birthday of her sister Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes on May 27 with a live Silent Auction, where fans were offered the opportunity to bid on a number of one-of-a-kind Left Eye items.

Exclusive items that you have the chance to own in the auction include a stunning custom Left Eye rug, custom and bespoke Left Eye sneakers, a back pack with Lisa’s items inside, a custom Left Eye hoodie, a Supernova LED music box, glow in the dark Left Eye candle set, dinner with the Lopes family and the chance to attend the Red Carpet private screening of the new Left Eye documentary produced by the Lopes family!

Custom Left Eye hoodie
Custom Left Eye sneakers
Left Eye rug

During the event Reigndrop was joined on stage by her brother Ron Lopes and Cemetery Tim, who created the new headstone for Lisa. Reigndrop also met Marqueze Ethridge for the first time and she was delighted to be informed that he co-wrote the TLC classic, “Waterfalls“.

Reigndrop hosted the event via Facebook and Instagram simultaneously whilst she jammed to a selection of TLC’s biggest hits, and was notably unimpressed at the album version of “No Scrubs” being played without Lisa’s iconic rap verse. The Facebook live stream became problematic with the use of copyrighted music being played, so Reigndrop switched it to music from Left Eye’s ‘Supernova‘ and happily told Facebook she owns this music, so they can’t shut her live feed down for using it.

Reigndrop Lopes with Cemetery Tim and Ron Lopes

Fans were delighted to learn that the ‘Supernova‘ album was on the verge of receiving it’s full worldwide release on streaming platforms after continuous demand from the fans. As we know, Lisa’s debut solo album received a limited release in Japan and the UK and was scrapped from receiving a US release.

“We’re working to release ‘Supernova’ to streaming on the date that she originally wanted her album to be released”, Reigndrop announced. “And if you’re a real fan you already know what the date is, so I don’t have to say it”. Although she added that “plans can change”, she was adamant that,”That date meant something to Lisa, so we’re going to stick to that”.

LED Supernova music box

Of course, the date Reigndrop was referring to was August 16th, which was the original date Lisa wanted her album to be released in 2001. Lisa was drawn to this date in particular for a special reason. “My father died on August 16th and his father was born on August 16th”, Lisa explained to MTV News. “And then on January 31st, was the day that [my father] was born and [his father] died. So, they came in and out of each others dates. It’s a very significant release date”.

Reigndrop was also excited to reveal that she is producing a brand new Left Eye documentary.

Energy Never Dies… Happy Birthday Lisa!

The Silent Auction will be live until June 3, 2022. Visit to place your bids and own a piece of Left Eye history!