R&B superstar Monica went viral on social media on Oct 30, 2022 when she posted her Halloween outfit on her pages, posing as TLC‘s Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes‘ mugshot after being arrested for arson in 1994 for burning the mansion of her then boyfriend Andre Rison.

Monica posted a picture of the VIBE cover that TLC took part in, posing as firefighters to let the world know that the members of TLC knew how to poke fun at themselves and would not be offended of situations like Left Eye’s arson incident being highlighted for Halloween.

TLC member Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins saw the post and gave Monica her approval as well as sharing a story about why Left Eye was wearing the floral dress she had on, which wasn’t her usual style. “Haaaaaaaa U crazy love it!!!!”, T-Boz replied on the post. “Funny story I dressed her that day…. And My Mama Said Why U Give Her That Ugly Ass Dress… And I Said That’s What She Picked”, T-Boz continued. “But Like WHY Did I Hv That Dress In The First Place lol Miss My Sister. Funny… U Did That”.

Monica was delighted with the response from T-Boz and shared the humor in the story behind Left Eye’s floral dress before sharing why she loves the ladies of TLC. “OMG YOU’RE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DRESS… I can hear Ms Gayle saying this”, Monica exclaims. “And why did you have it? But ok ok lol I LOVE U!”.

Monica went on to explain to T-Boz what TLC has done for her over the years. “Watching you all work was so impactful to me as a child but your continued support then always helped me stay on track! Both yours and Lisa’s ability to stay true to who you are left a mark of authenticity and humility on me that I’ve kept close to my heart for decades!”

Although some fans found the portrayal distasteful, it was worth noting that Monica grew up in the industry with TLC and was very close to the members of the group, and was signed to the same label Arista Records.

Other celebrities also chimed in to show what they thought of Monica’s Left Eye Halloween 2022 outfit. Cardi B said Monica ‘Bodied’ the look, Jermaine Dupri reacted with a “Wow!!!”, Ludacris added laughing emojis and Fat Joe wrote, “My girl.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s daughter North West also paid homage to TLC this year. North and her friends decided to recreate the iconic “No Scrubs” music video, with North playing the role of Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas.

Responding to the super cute video, Chilli excitedly wrote, “#demtlcbabies nailed it!!!”, before also calling the recreation “toooo cuuute” in her Instagram story. T-Boz followed when she also shared it and wrote, “yyyyyyyeeeee. Okayyyyyy PrettyGirls … #NorthWest And Her Girls Smashed #TLC This Halloween @kimkardashian #demTLCGirls #DemTLCbabies Love The Love #tboz #Tbeezy #Nori”

The official TLC account also posted about the little superstar trio, sharing the same TikTok in a series of Instagram stories. “Yes! Looking incredible ladies!” the caption read. The account also said North West and her friends “nailed it,” before calling them “soo cute.”