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‘The Voice’ Contestant Kim Cherry Receives A Surprise From TLC

The Voice

Season 11 of NBC’s music competition show ‘The Voice‘ blessed us with some outstanding talent this year. One who stands out for us is Kim Cherry!

Fans will recall the moment Kim exploded into the singing competition with her authentic audition, a cover of TLC‘s monster hit, “No Scrubs”.

“Your voice owned it!”, John Legend said at the audition. “You were the T, the L and the C!”.

Kim went on to impress the judges further, when she included an unexpected rendition of Left Eye‘s classic rap verse in the song, which won Kelly Clarkson over as she turned her chair around to claim the talented performer!

Fast foward two months later, and Kim is still holding up strong in the competition, making it to the Top 8. To offer her some love and moral support, T-Boz and Chilli surprised her with some personal video messages!

“We are rooting for you, girl!”, T-Boz exclaims. Chilli went on to say, “You are already a superstar, and I am so proud of you. And I am going to keep watching”.

T-Boz continued, “We hope you make it to the finale. Good luck!”

This was just the boost Kim needed to lift her morale, after feeling emotional following the first anniversary of her mother’s passing.

T-Boz and Chilli helped lift her spirits up so she can do her best in the competition!

Kim went on to do an electrifying performance of Janet Jackson‘s classic 1997 hit, “Together Again”. Be sure to support Kim on the show!

You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @kimcherrysings

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T-Boz as Sheila Watkins Quits Job After Kissing Mayor Carver

Things got a little heated this week on the hit, long-running NBC soap, Days of our Lives!

Whilst digging the dirt on Mayor Abe Carver‘s opponent, Jack Deveraux, Sheila Watkins makes light of the fact she almost kissed her boss.

With Abe not completely dismissing the idea, Sheila leaned in and gave Abe a quick kiss — just to reassure herself that there was absolutely no chemistry between them!

“You’re not my type and you’re old enough to be my Dad!”, Sheila jokes. “You dress like him, too.”

Just as they agree to pretend the kiss never happened, Abe’s girlfriend, Valerie Grant, returns on the scene to surprise him with her support.

Unfortunately for the two, they were being watched by Jack, and he used this friendly encounter against Abe to smear his campaign to maintain his position.

Abe yells that Jack’s allegations are baseless. He’s not having an affair with Sheila. Val defends Abe and Jack grins as he reveals the photo of Sheila kissing Abe.

Everyone gasps. Sheila calls it a fake but they go on about how dishonorable Abe is. Abe reluctantly admits the photo is real and Sheila tells Val she can explain it. Val takes off as the press hounds Abe.

He races after her while Sheila says there’s nothing between them and takes the blame for initiating the kiss.

Val and Abe have a heart-to-heart in the park. Abe explains and apologizes. She accepts but they both agree to part ways, and kiss each other goodbye.

Sheila appears just as Val leaves, and decides that she too will be leaving Salem, and quits her job as his assistant to help save his reputation and mayoral position.

Abe pleads with her to stay — he needs her input to reach his full potential. But Sheila has made up her mind. She thanks him for all he has done for her and leaves town.

This is currently Tionne’s final scene for the show, as we reported last week. I doubt this will be the last we see of the feisty Sheila Watkins. Stay tuned!

Should Sheila to return to DAYS in the future?
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T-Boz Leaves Sheila Role In Days Of Our Lives

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Eli Digs The Truth Between Sheila and Abe’s Friendship

Drama in Days of our Lives is a guarantee.

Following the last episode’s cliffhanger moment, when Abe Carver seemed to make an advance towards Sheila Watkins after thanking her for her continued support, the happy moment didn’t last for long!

Abe had second thoughts, realizing he would be crossing professional boundaries, and instead tried to throw the blame onto Sheila for making a move on him!

Just in the nick of time, Eli Grant and Lani Price turn up at the pub, witnessing the kiss that almost happened, and preventing the two from exploding into a bigger fight.

While Lani sits with Abe to explain why she is currently in possession of baby David, Eli goes to the bar with Sheila to find out the truth about her friendship with Abe.

Sheila insists that she and Abe are not friends, and tells Eli how Abe attacked her for giving him some suggestions for his campaign.

Despite this, Sheila is sure that she knows what Abe wants; a woman that will stand by his side, since his ex-girlfriend Valerie left him to pursue her career.

Will Sheila turn out to be the woman Abe needs in his life?