Andre Rison, the former Atlanta Falcon and previous boyfriend of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, has decided to produce a biopic based on his life, ‘Wide Open: The Andre Rison Story’, after the success of the 2020 Lifetime special, ‘Hopelessly In Love: Lisa Lopes & Andre Rison, a documentary that chronicled the ups and downs of their relationship.

Rison announced that the project was in the works last year and subsequently sent out a casting call in August to hire talent in Atlanta to play the various characters in the movie, including Tupac Shakur, Deion Sanders and of course, the members of TLC.

The actresses hired to play TLC are Ashanti Harris as Chilli, Tetisheri Moniz as T-Boz, and Chaz aka Pink B as Left Eye. Pink B has been compared to Left Eye for having very similar looks. She had a small cameo in the VH1 biopic, ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story‘ in 2013, playing a friend of Lil’ Mama, who played Left Eye in that film.

Pink B says that although some people wanted her to get the role of Left Eye in the VH1 biopic, she wasn’t ready at the time. “I’ve experienced a lot and did acting classes and went through a spiritual change so now is better than ever!”, she said on Instagram.

Andre Rison will be directing the film alongside film director Jerry D. May. In a press release, it states that Rison ‘takes off the gloves and gives it to you raw in the real story behind the ESPN, VH1, fluff. Film director Jerry D. May and best-selling author Derrick Handspike teamed up to produce what many are calling one of the most anticipated celebrity biopic films since “The OJ Simpson Story”.’

Rison has an in-depth relationship with TLC. Not only was he the love of Lisa’s life, he was also very supportive of T-Boz and Chilli, helping all three ladies during the infamous lawsuit they went through in 1996 when they filed for bankruptcy.

We look forward to seeing what details he provides for us and how the portrayal of TLC will be in this movie!

Will you be watching ‘Wide Open’?